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Dr. DeYarman and the staff at DeYarman Allergy & Asthma Clinic are happy to have the privilege of helping you gain control of your allergy conditions. We are committed to providing personalized state of the art care to help you achieve your goals. We value our relationship with you and understand the importance of effective communication and education in delivering quality medical care. Our office is completely computerized to further facilitate your medical care.


We realize each of you has different problems that require different solutions. We will listen carefully to your history and review any prior evaluations and then will discuss our initial impression with you including the different options for evaluation and treatment pertinent to your medical problems and your goals. These may range from very conservative treatment to more aggressive treatment options. All of our recommendations will be given to you as a typed summary at each office visit. These will include not only your routine recommendations to manage your allergic problems but also our recommendations for monitoring changes in your health and appropriate interventions you may make to regain control if your symptoms do flare. Though we will, of course, see you if your allergies or asthma flare, our goal is to keep you well with preventative measures and minimize your need for emergent medical care. We would like to equip you with the educational and medical tools to ultimately manage your allergic problems on your own.

WiFi  available!!!

A few years ago we added  a WiFi connection in our office. Patients rarely have to wait in our office for appointments but those on allergy shots do need to wait for 30 minutes after their injection. With WiFi you can use your laptop to cruise around the internet while you wait. You should connect automatically but if not, ask us how to do it. Waiting in medical offices is no fun at all. Hopefully this will make the time pass quickly. It certainly beats reading old National Geographics though actually our magazine selection is pretty good.

Caring for southern Oregon's allergic problems for over 20 years.

What's In The Air Now?

March 23, 2014


Some people have noticed increased allergy symptoms in recent weeks. We still have the background allergens that are present all year but spring brings changes in allergen exposure.


Outdoor mold exposure is higher during these months when it is warming up but still moist. This may ease up when it becomes hot and dry in July, though construction projects with soil excavation sometimes keeps mold spores in the air.


The big news, of course, is the arrival of tree pollens. Some tree pollens have been around since early this year (juniper & cedar since January and alder since February) but they have been present in low amounts. That is going to change and change quickly. The tree pollens will steadily and quickly increase until late April when they will then decrease just as quickly and disappear over two or three  weeks. Time to start your treatment plan that should include medications to be taken daily in the pollen season and instructions on what to do when pollen counts (and symptoms) flare. Don't forget to minimize pollen exposure by keeping the windows closed at home and avoiding areas of actively pollinating trees (Medford bike path, etc).


The good news is the tree pollen season will end in 6 or 7 weeks. The bad news is that's the start of the grass pollen season.

Kent DeYarman, MD

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